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http:/ We are the best insurance company for all boat insurance. Just 2 mins and your debit card and your boat is insured.
Lorry with Hi-Ab: Crane and transport up to 30ft to any area
Lorry with Hi-Ab: Can crane and transport up to 30ft to any area
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20th Mar 2007

Dear Loretta,
What a service !
3 years after first contacting you with regard to buying a narrowboat it is high time I thanked you. Your advice over this time has been invaluable, it's just a shame that being a man, I have not always felt willing to take it! I now know better and it gives me great pleasure to say so.
I have lived through an unscrupulous seller and did not take your advice and a severe act of vandalism and did take your advice.
Also,your unstinting help and encouragement dealing with a very unsettling insurance company-that's all for legal reasons I feel able to say-was truly amazing.
Your 100% support helped battle them with real success.This battle was every inch of the bloody way! Dealing with the insurance company was far worse than dealing with the feelings around the actual vandalism. (Your current and future clients should not worry too much though as what happened to me was a one in a million chance-very unnerving but hardly an everyday event-but do get properly insured and READ the contract is my tip). The insurers and the refitters were a nightmare and without your help I would be long gone from the canals.So, heartfelt thanks.
I have since bought a new boat with your help and again you handled everything for me. God alone knows how it became such a fractious affair but you managed to get everyone to see daylight. Your advice with regard to the extraordinary amount of shady operators that one can come into contact with has been a real eye opener. Again, to anyone new to this -donT't be put off- it is highly unlikely if you have Loretta on your side that you will be 'done like a kipper'. My advice is dont't be too proud to ask. Also, take nobody on the canals at face value. Fancy websites and slick advertisements are seriously masking some very bad boat companies and poor value boats.Find and ask the real experts, and through Loretta you will find them, not through advertisements and websites.
On a personal note, despite my alarming bad character calls on so-called experts on the canals , my innate obstinacy, and my ill-humour at (most) times Loretta has stuck by me as a scientist would with a volatile laboratory experiment. I have been a nightmare at times for Loretta to 'manage' but boy was I pushed by some of these 'characters'
For our friendship to have survived my behaviour let alone the people who were trying to screw me is testament to Loretta's professionalism.If Loretta keeps a list of 'difficult' customers I'm afraid I would top the list so this testimonial is one you should not ignore! Buy Loretta before you buy any boat and keep on the right side of her is my advice and you will have a much better buying experience and ongoing enjoyment of the canals.
My mistake was to think I knew it all after 30 years around boat owners. I did not. You need an expert who 'lives' the business. For me, that is Loretta and her service and through that service meeting some fabulous people. All of which encourages me to be a better person...However no testimonial yet from Loretta for me as a client !

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